5 Best Metaverse Tokens to Watch in January 2022

5 Best Metaverse Tokens to Watch in January 2022

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for another review of top tokens in this rapidly growing and volatile market. These coins have stood out from some of their peers due to strong fundamentals or innovative use cases that could push them towards greater success in an uncertain crypto-landscape.

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The “metaverse coins to watch in 2022” is a list of 5 best tokens that you should be watching this year. The list includes EOS, Cardano, Tron, IOTA, and NEM.

5 Best Metaverse Tokens to Watch in January 2022

5 Best Metaverse Tokens to Watch in January 2022


Although 2021 will be known as the year of non-fungible tokens, it is not the only trend that developed in that year. After commencing in 2020, DeFi was still going strong, and the final few months of 2021 were highlighted by a trend that would likely be the largest in 2022: the metaverse.

The crypto sector had been trending toward the advent of the metaverse on its own, but once Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, the tendency skyrocketed. All of the projects that had been quietly constructing their virtual worlds in the background were suddenly thrust into the limelight, bringing with them new developers, users, and a lot more money. Despite this, we believe their climb is only beginning, and if you’re interested in investing in any of them, here are some of the most promising projects to keep an eye on in January 2022.

1. Decentralization (MANA)

Decentraland is the first on our list. This is a long-running initiative that aims to expand the digital world by allowing people to own digital land and utilize it for a variety of purposes. Decentraland’s land plots may be used to create dApps, games, and new protocols, among other things.

You may use them as art galleries to show off your digital treasures and artwork in the form of NFTs. It may even be used to plan virtual gatherings. Only a week ago, someone utilized the initiative to create a New Year’s Eve event open to everybody in the globe. The Australian Open, for example, is going to create its own tournament in Decentraland.

These kind of gatherings will only grow more prevalent in the future, particularly as COVID-19 is still expanding and limiting people from doing more conventional meetings, therefore this project has a bright future ahead of it.

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Axie Infinity is number two on the list (AXS)

Then there’s Axie Infinity, the world’s biggest metaverse-based game that uses NFTs to let traders purchase, sell, and breed digital monsters. The game, which was inspired by Pokemon, lets you to explore a large open area, seek out other players, and combat them with your NFT-based creatures. The victor will get NFTs as well as AXS, the project’s native coin.

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At any moment, the NFTs may be removed from the game and sold on third-party NFT exchanges. Alternatively, you may breed new monsters and enhance them using over 500 monster body parts to create some of the most powerful hybrids capable of winning every fight for you.

The only limitation is your creativity, and you are strongly urged to use this game to explore and plan. And, as a result of its rising popularity, its native token AXS is well worth retaining, given the price increase that will occur as demand increases.

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3. The Playground (SAND)

The Sandbox, for example, is a project that allows users to produce, purchase, and trade digital assets from a range of games using its virtual environment. The project’s primary purpose is to combine blockchain technology with gaming, which it does by enabling users to create their own games and empower their players through the play-to-earn paradigm.

The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverse projects among gamers since it allows them to play games alone and earn prizes. Furthermore, its universe enables players to build and gather blockchain-based assets, which will undoubtedly disrupt the industry.

However, the fact that The Sandbox relies on user-generated material is the fundamental reason for its popularity. To put it another way, it enables gamers to express themselves, develop the games they’ve always wanted to build, and sell them to others while also benefiting everyone involved. Simply said, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone, which is why The Sandbox’s SAND tokens are worth keeping an eye on in January and beyond.

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Illuvium is a kind of illuvium (ILV)

Another blockchain-based game that is fast gaining traction is Illuvium. The project is built on Ethereum’s network and provides an open-world fantasy war game to the gaming community. In fact, Illuvium has been termed the first AAA game ever produced on Ethereum, and it is aimed squarely at gamers and DeFi enthusiasts. Those who are just interested in one of these two features are likely to acquire an interest in the other as well as the project progresses.

Illuvium is a game set in an universe populated by creatures known as Illuvials. Players may catch these animals and utilize them in fights throughout the game. The animals, like Axie, come in the form of NFTs, which players may use in the game or sell to others for profit.

Emptying dungeons, beating bosses, and obtaining prizes all need a strong collection of creatures. The game has a completely 3D environment with over 100 distinct Illuvials spread across its numerous locations, and each creature, like the world itself, was created by world-class artists.

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MyNeighborAlice is number five (ALICE)

MyNeighborAlice is the last but not least. This is a multiplayer construction game in which participants construct virtual islands using the metaverse. The islands may be purchased, current stuff collected, new objects built, new friends made, and more. Animal Crossing and other conventional games served as inspiration for the game.

As a result, it combines the greatest parts of conventional games — a fun storyline for those who prefer games to cryptos — with a rich ecosystem full of NFTs for those who are more interested in the technology and the prospect of earning while playing the game.

In the meanwhile, MyNeighborAlice has a native token named ALICE. ALICE is an in-game money that can be used to buy items and unique skill sets in the game’s private marketplace. The coins may also be used to help govern the project by voting on different ideas and assisting the community in reaching a resolution whenever one is required.

ALICE is also an excellent coin to utilize in staking if you just want to enjoy your game in peace while simultaneously earning as much additional money as possible.

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With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the five greatest metaverse tokens to keep an eye on in January 2022. As the month progresses, more initiatives are likely to develop, and the same is surely true for the remainder of the year. But, for the time being, these are the finest the metaverse has to offer, so hunt them up, do your homework, and if you like what you discover, give them a try.

The “upcoming metaverse projects” is a list of 5 best tokens to watch in January 2022.

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