Apple Co-founder says “Bitcoin a Mathematical Miracle and Better than Gold”

Apple Co-founder says “Bitcoin a Mathematical Miracle and Better than Gold”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said that Bitcoin is the best form of money ever. He’s right, of course–it’s far better than gold or even dollars and euros. But if you ask most people why they think Bitcoin is better than other forms of money, they’ll usually say it’s because it can be exchanged for goods and services.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently commented on Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin is “a mathematical miracle and better than gold.”

Bitcoin is on the radar of Steve Wozniak, who believes the flagship cryptocurrency is a better store of value than gold.

Bitcoin, a mathematical miracle

At a recent event held by the Mexican organization, Wozniak reiterated his belief that bitcoin is a mathematical phenomenon, but that it is a mathematical marvel. He also explained that bitcoin is better than gold because it is a relatively efficient store of value, Woz explained:

Gold is limited and must be sought. Bitcoin is the most incredible mathematical marvel.

Apple Co-founder says “Bitcoin a Mathematical Miracle and Better than Gold”

While Wozniak praised other major cryptocurrencies, his support for bitcoin seemed unprecedented. Although Woz has stated that he does not personally invest in bitcoin, its value relative to fiat currency, as well as its influence on the market, will increase in the future.

Woz Bitcoin support:

This is not the first time the pioneer of the computer revolution, Steve Wozniak, has publicly praised bitcoin. In an earlier video from 2018, he explained that blockchain is recognized because of bitcoin, because it’s the technology behind it.

He stated:

Bitcoin is an amazing thing. It has been working for years and has never been replaced. It is not owned or controlled by any company.

He then went on to praise blockchain, saying that it allows people to have no central control, that everything is diversified and that, because of the way it works, there can be no mistakes, and that it is also completely reliable.

He continues: It may be a bubble, but it’s not the way to go. Woz also praised Bitcoin’s limited supply and compared it to fiat, which can be printed without restrictions.

Bitcoin scam

Despite his incredible love for bitcoin, not all of his experiences with the currency have gone so well. A few years ago, he got screwed and lost 7 of his bitcoins.

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