Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube restored after ban

Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube restored after ban

Bitcoin Magazine, a popular YouTube channel for cryptocurrency-related content was banned and then restored. Bitcoin’s value has been subject to scrutiny by regulators in the United States and South Korea. They’ve raised concerns about possible tax evasion and price manipulation on exchanges which would make it hard for anything but potential investors to enter into the market fairly.

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The “coinbase shuts down” is a video that was removed from YouTube. This video was restored after Coinbase had shut down the account.

The YouTube channel for Bitcoin Magazine was reactivated almost three hours after it had been suspended. The magazine attributes the brief suspension on the YouTube algorithm identifying the phrase “Kazakhstan.”

In a tweet on January 12, Bitcoin Magazine observed that its YouTube channel, which had 56,600 subscribers, had been suspended without prior notice in the midst of a livestream.

“Our @YouTube, which has 60,000 subscribers, was abruptly BANNED mid-livestream. DELETED. When will the hostility against material relating to bitcoin end?”

Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin (BTC) mining, and the recent internet outage in Kazakhstan—which the government allegedly ordered in reaction to widespread demonstrations over the country’s skyrocketing gasoline prices—were the main subjects of discussion throughout the broadcast.

Although Bitcoin Magazine said it wasn’t exactly clear why YouTube had blocked its channel, it did confirm that an hour after submitting an appeal, its account had been unblocked, indicating that YouTube had recognized its mistake.

The panel was discussing how the internet outage affected the BTC mining hash rate without saying anything contentious, but presenter Alex Mcshane pointed out that the panel used a series of “algorithmically and politically charged terms” that may have triggered the automatic shutdown:

Without re-igniting the situation, I want to discuss what occurred while we were discussing a particular politically heated nation that begins with the letter “K.”

The Google-owned platform said that “material that advocates unlawful acts or incites viewers to violate YouTube’s standards is not permitted” in a post earlier today that was also posted by Bitcoin Magazine.

The statement said, “We may permit portrayals of such actions provided they are instructional or documentary in nature and don’t encourage others to engage in them.

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Despite its content guideline, current YouTube searches still turn up evidence of several live streams exploiting the personas and video material of well-known individuals, such MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor, to advertise dubious websites and purported “crypto giveaway” frauds.

Bitcoin Magazine’s YouTube restored after banMichael Saylor either does a lot of live streaming or some of the videos are suspect: YouTube

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User u/Setl1less pointed out the irony in a comment on the ban in the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, saying that “Youtube has made it a practice of shutting down famous informational accounts” while allowing fraudsters to run unhindered.

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