Crypto Banter Will Give Away Over $500,000 To 10 Eligible Community Members

Crypto Banter Will Give Away Over $500,000 To 10 Eligible Community Members

Now, you may be wondering why a cryptocurrency blog would be giving away money. Well, in a sense, crypto is about giving power to the people, and what better way to do that than to give you all money? And there’s more: we’re not just giving you money. We’re giving away enough to make a real impact on your life. In fact, we’re going to give away over $500,000 over the next year, to 10 lucky winners.

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Cryptocurrency blog Cryptocurrency Banter has announced that they will be doing a giveaway to award 10 eligible members with $5,000 in Bitcoin, which is currently valued at approximately $5,500 CryptoBachelor and CryptoBachelorette

Crypto Banter Will Give Away Over $500,000 To 10 Eligible Community Members

Cape Town, South Africa, 8. May 2021,

Banter Bags is a unique project in the crypto-currency world that focuses on giving back to the community. What was originally a $10,000 charity event is now worth over $500,000. Ten eligible community members will be randomly selected to receive their share of trophies when the Crypto Banter YouTube channel exceeds 250,000 subscribers.

The Banter Bags Giveaway is an event hosted by Ran Neuner, host of CNBC Crypto Trader and founder of Crypto Banter on YouTube. Initially intended to reward active participation in the community and increase involvement in daily activities, as the investment began to grow it evolved into a mechanism that could make a real difference in the lives of some community members.

Speaking of presales: The crypto screen team initially invested $10,000 in an Ethereum public address. This money was then invested in benefits, with daily increases in investments to further diversify the portfolio. Several key investments have delivered impressive returns, including Shopx, Aioz, Refineable and Occam. All these pre-listing investments have increased in value by a factor of 100 or more.

With the total value of the Banter bags exceeding $500,000, this is a unique opportunity for the community. Once the YouTube channel reaches 250,000 subscribers, ten members of the community will receive a Banter bag with matching trophies. The only requirement to participate is to subscribe to Crypto Banter on YouTube and follow his Twitter account. Community members can increase their chances by following @cryptomanran and @sheldon_sniper on Twitter, liking/commenting on the tweets and participating in the two daily feeds.

The Crypto Banter team adds:

It started as a fun idea to give away $10,000 to our community, but as we began to invest, we discovered that the community loved the idea of investing in premarket distributions that were previously out of reach of the average investor. It is in this spirit that we have used all our influence to reward our community. It was meant to be a cool $10,000 gift to encourage the community, but it ended up being an opportunity to change lives. After we started this initiative, the chain exploded. We have experienced an overall growth of over 100%, gained over 100,000 subscribers and received over 5 million views in the last 28 days. In addition, our community has become more active. They love the idea that we are giving something back to them and that we can change another person’s life at any moment.

So far, five winners have been chosen at random, each with a great story to tell. One of the winners, Irfan, had lost his job and was in financial trouble. While his pregnant wife was due in two months, the news of Banter Bag’s victory changed Irfan’s life. Everyone can have a similar experience when the leftover bags are given to community members.

We have also announced that one of the bags will be donated to charity and we are currently looking for a suitable opportunity.

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CRYPTO BANTER was founded by Ran Neuner, CNBC’s CRYPTO TRADER, and is a LIVE CRYPTO STATION. We offer live streaming of the global crypto-currency markets and give you the opportunity to call in, report news and chat with our guests and presenters. CRYPTO BANTER was created to move cryptocurrency discussions on Twitter and Telegram into a moderated and controlled AV streaming environment. Think of it as a cross between CNBC, JOE ROGAN and a crypto-currency talk radio!

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