Digital Assets Monthly Report – June Edition

Digital Assets Monthly Report – June Edition

Digital Assets Monthly Report is a monthly report on Digital Assets issued by whatisbitusd, Digital Assets are a digital form of currency and represent an alternative way to store and move value. They are created by and for the community, and are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by any government. Digital Assets are a form of self-sovereign digital currency.

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Recently I got the opportunity to interview Denis Dashjakov, the CEO of Dash Exchange, about In this podcast we talk about Dash’s features, history and future. For those unfamiliar with Dash, the currency was created in 2014, and it aims to become the ideal digital currency. Dash works with Bitcoin as a base currency, but over time has expanded its features with new features such as InstantSend (instant transactions), PrivateSend (semi-anonymous transactions), and a new governance system called masternodes. The Dash network now has more than 8,000 masternodes.

This is the latest edition of my monthly report on the state of the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As always, this is not investment advice, and you should do your own research before making any investment decisions.. Read more about cryptocurrency research paper 2021 and let us know what you think.

Digital Assets Monthly Report – June Edition

Even if prices don’t reflect it yet, June was a pretty positive month for digital assets.  During this period, we’ve seen the introduction of bitcoin as legal tender, the use of ETFs, big money collections, and more – all overshadowed by failures in the mining sector and on various centralized exchanges.

Regulatory performance and conclusions

Centralized exchanges like Binance and Poloniex can no longer function as they once did.  Regulatory bodies around the world are beginning to assert their authority, which has led to the aforementioned exchanges refusing service in some countries.

Binance begins restricting access to platform due to warnings from CSO, FSA and FCA

Poloniex has become the latest target of Canadian regulators cracking down on service providers.

Numerical titles

As institutional investors become more accepting of the idea of digital assets, interest in security tokens is growing.  In June, this was no more evident than for successful capital raisings and popular mutual funds.

Securitize raises $48 million in a Series B round led by Blockchain Capital and Morgan Stanley.

Wave Financial launches second edition of popular Kentucky Whiskey Foundation

In the news

El Salvador has officially announced its acceptance of bitcoin as legal tender, in what is likely one of the biggest developments in cryptocurrencies in a long time.  Not only will the nation use geothermal energy to extract the BTC, but citizens will also receive 30 BTC by air in September. Read more

Summary of reports on cryptocurrency adoption from FCA, Gemini and Finder

In an effort to better understand digital asset adoption, several companies have recently conducted extensive surveys of market players.  The results show that most of these investments are made in Asian countries – this and other indicators give an indication of the direction of the sector’s growth.    Read more

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How digital securities are disrupting private real estate markets

Digital securities have the potential to change the way we invest.  Not only can they offer a higher degree of efficiency, but they can also disrupt a wide range of asset classes, none more obvious than real estate.  In this article, Vlad Estup, data analyst at Atlas One Digital Securities, looks at how this will play out. Read more

How to recognize bitcoin and cryptocurrency fraud

Cryptocurrencies have the ability to return power to their owners.  However, this is a double-edged sword, as market participants are now responsible for the security of their assets. In this article, Antoine Tardif, CEO of, discusses some of the most common scams in this area and what you can do to avoid them.  Read more


Do Kwon, CEO, Terraform Labs

With $32 million from investors like Binance, Terraform Labs is working on a payment system for the coming era.  Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, sat down with to discuss how she plans to achieve this. Read more

Marwan Haji, founder of Unslashed Finance

Decentralised finance is a sector with huge potential – and dangers for the uninitiated.  Unslashed Finance is a start-up company that provides insurance solutions forFiPs.  We spoke to the company’s founder, Marwan Haji, to find out more about the reasons behind this growing need.  Read more

Around the net

Bitcoin soars after tweet from Mexican billionaire – CNN

Elon Musk is not the only billionaire in the world with a passion for digital assets.  Ricardo Salinas Pliego announced in June that he was actively working with his bank to become the first Mexican company to fully support Bitcoin. Read moreJune has been a very good month for Bitcoin. It is up over 10% since the start of the month following a stellar performance in the first half of 2018. Despite Bitcoin being in a bearish trend since mid-February, it is still up a mind-boggling 1,000% in the last year, and the first time we’ve seen such insane growth in the last two years .. Read more about reports on bitcoin and let us know what you think.

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