El Salvador Bitcoin wallet shows ‘strong sign of adoption,’ exec says

El Salvador Bitcoin wallet shows ‘strong sign of adoption,’ exec says

As more people are turning to Bitcoin as a way of investing and saving their money, it seems that El Salvador is following suit. The country’s central bank has recently announced that its citizens can now purchase digital currency through the use of local debit cards. This could be an indication towards increased adoption in the near future which would eventually lead to growth for cryptocurrencies overall.,

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The “chivo wallet” is a Bitcoin wallet that has been designed for the El Salvadoran market. The company behind it, Chivoservices, claims that it is showing “strong signs of adoption.”

El Salvador Bitcoin wallet shows ‘strong sign of adoption,’ exec says

El Salvador Bitcoin wallet shows ‘strong sign of adoption,’ exec says


According to an executive at the cryptocurrency exchange behind the wallet, El Salvador’s government-backed Bitcoin (BTC) wallet has seen substantial uptake.

The Chivo wallet was released on the same day that Bitcoin became legal money in El Salvador on September 7, 2021. Users may purchase and sell Bitcoin on the official portal, which also provides cryptocurrency custody and exchange services via Bitso, a Mexican crypto trading platform.

According to Bitso’s chief corporate and regulatory affairs officer Felipe Vallejo, Bitso basically offers back-end technology so that the government of El Salvador may acquire Bitcoin and assure that BTC is convertible to the US dollar.

“Bitso has continued to offer liquidity to the Chivo wallet since it started collaborating with the government in September,” Vallejo stated. He went on to say that Bitso began operating in El Salvador via Chivo and is now exclusively active in the nation through that platform. The exchange, however, is operational in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

Chivo, according to Vallejo, has had a lot of success in the seven months after its rocky launch, when the wallet had technical challenges and even went down.

“Through our work with the Chivo Wallet, we’ve been able to witness how a large portion of the populace has resorted to the app for secure and simple transactions,” Vallejo said. He cited a National Bureau of Economic Research research that revealed that 40% of people who downloaded the Chivo wallet continued to use it after obtaining their government incentives. He explained:

“We feel this is a really strong indication of adoption.” More users will stay on the app with a greater grasp of the technology and the potential it presents as education about bitcoin and daily use cases grows in the area.”

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After spending their free $30 incentive in BTC, 20% of Salvadorans continued to use the Chivo wallet, according to Vallejo. When compared to the adoption of conventional financial services in El Salvador, this should be seen as a “strong indicator of rising adoption.” As of 2017, just 29% of people in El Salvador have bank accounts, according to some reports.

Furthermore, 70% of the population of El Salvador lacks a bank account and works in the informal sector.

Financial inclusion is not just a moral obligation, but also a means of boosting the country’s economy by allowing citizens access to loans, savings, investments, and safe transactions.

June 6, 2021 — Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele)

In comparison to other crypto exchanges, the CEO emphasized Chivo’s adoption strength. El Salvador, with a population of 6.49 million people, had 2.6 million Chivo users, according to Vallejo, who also said that some big worldwide exchanges, such as Coinbase, have 11.4 million active users as of Q4 2021.

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By teaching individuals about crypto and blockchain, Bitso and Chivo want to enhance acceptance. “Education is the primary impediment to bitcoin adoption in Latin America and throughout the world.” We expect greater adoption rates as we continue to offer Salvadorans with the knowledge and resources they need to fully comprehend and use the revolutionary technology,” Vallejo added. Bitso has also been involved in educational endeavors in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay, according to him.

The “el salvador bitcoin wallet address” is a sign of the strong adoption that cryptocurrencies are seeing. The country has seen the number of users grow from less than 1,000 to over 100,000 in just a year.

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