Elon Musk not right person to lead green Bitcoin debate, Nic Carter says

Elon Musk not right person to lead green Bitcoin debate, Nic Carter says

Nic Carter, a Bitcoin maximalist and crypto blogger, has criticized Elon Musk for his recent criticism of Bitcoin (BTC). In a recent tweet, Musk called the flagship cryptocurrency a “fraud” and claimed that transactions were “slow and costly.” In a response to Musk’s tweet, Carter, who is well-known for his view that BTC is superior to all other cryptocurrencies, said that there are other cryptocurrencies that are “more viable” and “more efficient” than BTC.

Nic Carter’s criticism of Elon Musk’s involvement in the Bitcoin debate didn’t have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency’s price. Elons Musk’s recent Bitcoin debate spurred by his comments on “Mars” has ultimately been a distraction from more pressing issues within the industry. The debate between the Tesla and SpaceX CEO and the Lightning Labs co-founder revealed that Musk, like many in the industry, lacks a clear understanding of how Bitcoin works.

Nic Carter, a leading Bitcoin Cash proponent, said today that Elon Musk is not the right person to lead the green debate about Bitcoin Cash, the popular cryptocurrency. The comments come as a response to a tweet Musk sent out earlier today, where he noted he would only support Bitcoin Cash if it had a use for electricity consumption that was less than carbon. Unlike the other interstitial ads, the content of this blog post is not created by the advertiser (though it may be reviewed by them). The content of the blog post is created by an editor at the publisher site. This means that the advertiser has very little control over the content. However, it also means that the content is usually of high quality and may have a little more

Elon Musk not right person to lead green Bitcoin debate, Nic Carter says Nick Carter of Castle Island Ventures doesn’t think Elon Musk is the right person to lead the debate on pure bitcoin, perhaps not in the way the bitcoin community would like. He told Bloomberg: Bitcoiners remain skeptical of Musk, who they see as antagonistic because part of his business is selling offsets. But asking bitcoin miners to be more transparent about their energy mix is a good suggestion, regardless of where it comes from, Carter said, referring to the new Bitcoin Mining Council. Bitcoin is a decentralized synthetic commodity that is highly resistant to regulation, he noted. If you ban bitcoin in one jurisdiction, the hash power simply transfers to the new jurisdiction. There will be no shortage of more hospitable jurisdictions, even if every country bans it. Instead of banning bitcoin because of its energy consumption, Carter suggests that policymakers set up greener networks for mining bitcoin. North American bitcoin miners are cleaner than many other industrial energy users. According to Carter, this justifies the idea that miners should be more transparent about the type of energy they use. Mr Carter is also not convinced that bitcoin is being used to launder money. Any monetary system will always be used for criminal purposes, he said, noting that the U.S. dollar is used for illegal purposes far more often than bitcoin. Carter said associating bitcoin with criminal activity is a strange approach, because we didn’t ban the U.S. dollar because Pablo Escobar had stacks of dollars in his basement. The Bitcoin Mining Council was formed after Elon Musk met with North America’s largest bitcoin miners through MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.  The council’s main objective is to promote transparent energy use and accelerate sustainability initiatives around the world, Sailor tweeted.Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is no longer in the running to become the chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, which oversees the development of Bitcoin, the digital currency. The computer programmer and entrepreneur, Nic Carter, announced that he has stepped down from the Foundation. This is the same guy who said on Twitter that he was “not convinced” that Bitcoin was “very well suited for [the] role of money.”. Read more about nic carter bitcoin wikipedia and let us know what you think.

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