Gamestop NFT Website Discovered With Hidden Easter Egg Retro Game – Bitcoin News

Gamestop NFT Website Discovered With Hidden Easter Egg Retro Game – Bitcoin News

Gamestop has just launched an NFT (non-fungible token) website in which players can trade in-game items for real money. The website is currently in beta and only has a small selection of popular NFTs, but it is expected to expand rapidly as soon as the gamestop NFT website has proven itself trustworthy. So far, the gamestop NFT website is the first major retailer to offer crypto payment options.

GameStop has been recently discovered to be selling NFTs (Named Finite Tract, the blockchain equivalent of ‘digital goods’ in video games) using a private website that lists some of the most rare and valuable assets on the blockchain. The assets being sold include a number of prominent crypto-celebrities in the space, such as Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, and Craig Wright.

Gamestop, the iconic retailer of video game products has recently come under fire by the cryptocurrency community for allegedly not including Bitcoin in their NFT based loyalty program. While most retailers who run similar programs only reward you for your NFT purchases with more NFTs, Gamestop was believed to be rewarding their customers with actual Bitcoins – that is until the alleged hidden Easter egg game was discovered.. Read more about cryptocurrency prices and let us know what you think.

Gamestop NFT Website Discovered With Hidden Easter Egg Retro Game – Bitcoin News After the infamous Wallstreetbets story a few months ago, Gamestop is doing much better than it did a year ago. Now a new website called suggests that the company is diving into blockchain technology via Ethereum-based non-gaming tokens.

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The publicly traded company Gamestop (Nasdaq: GME) has apparently launched a new website dedicated to non-gaming tokens (NFT). The public does not fully understand what the web portal entails, as Gamestop has not officially announced the project. The eighth. On April 2021, however, Gamestop announced that it was hiring a security analyst, but that it was looking for someone with experience in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT. After this hint, it was suspected that Gamestop would somehow use blockchain technology. The page was discovered by several members of the Ethereum community, and the news went viral on Twitter. A website called has a very retro look and shows an Ethereum cartridge inserted into a Gameboy-like portable gaming device. The device says: Power to the players, power to the manufacturers, power to the collectors. The website also lists the address of the Ethereum smart contract. The smart contract is called Gamestop and was launched on the 25th. May 2021 created. According to Etherscan, several transactions have already been sent to the ETH smart contract. The website also states that the company is building a team. We invite outstanding engineers (Solidity, React, Python), designers, gamers, marketers and community leaders, the website says. If you are interested in being part of our team, please send your profile, or what you have created, to: [email protected] Gamestop NFT Website Discovered With Hidden Easter Egg Retro Game – Bitcoin News The landing page also has a small white dot at the top right of the page that leads to an interesting surprise game. To start the game, the player must press the space bar on the keyboard to begin the race. Gamestop stock has been doing well lately, with shares rising 16% to $209 on Wednesday. What do you think of Gamestop’s NFT site? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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