How to Buy Cheap Real Estate in New York

How to Buy Cheap Real Estate in New York

The residential real estate market in New York is one of the most lucrative markets for overall investor returns. With a high demand and low supply, this commodity has created an opportunity for shrewd investors to buy properties at steep discounts.

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How to Buy Cheap Real Estate in New York

The “cheap houses for sale in new york” is a blog about how to buy cheap real estate in New York. The author provides detailed information on what to look for and how much you should be willing to spend.

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It’s difficult to find affordable unoccupied land, homes, and apartments in New York. With the correct tool, anybody can discover and purchase a reasonably priced house.

New York City, White Plains, Yonkers, Long Island, and other regions where finding an affordable home or unoccupied property is tough. Outside of these major cities, however, finding affordable real estate is simple. Here are a few resources that can help you get started.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development operates the HUDHomestore, a federal government website (HUD). is the website address.

Across the United States, the federal government assists citizens in obtaining mortgages with reduced down payments. FHA-insured mortgages are those that are guaranteed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The lending banks foreclose on these residences when individuals fail. The bank usually sells these properties. 

Even banks, on occasion, are unable to sell these homes in a timely manner. The HUD then receives the houses, apartments, or land from these banks.

The HUD lists these properties on its website, These homes are priced cheaper in order to sell faster. You may obtain excellent prices in your county if you keep an eye on this page. 

The main disadvantage of this service is that in order to put and finalize your bid, you will need a competent realtor and a skilled lawyer. To locate a realtor and closing agent in your area, utilize the “Broker Search” and “BSCA Search.” We recommend that you speak with them before placing your bid since many realtors and closing agents are unfamiliar with the HUD house bidding and closing procedure.

Deed of Foreclosure on Taxes

Most counties in New York state sales tax foreclosed property at auction every year, with the exception of a handful. It’s another great and inexpensive option to locate New York houses, apartments, and property.

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When a real estate property owner fails to pay taxes, the property becomes delinquent. According to New York State Tax Law Article 11, if the owner fails to pay taxes on a regular basis, the county will foreclose and seize the property. The county then auctions these assets to recoup overdue taxes.

New York is divided into 62 counties. However, not every county holds its auction on the same website or in the same location. Some auctions are held online, while others are held in person on a certain day in a county-designated region. 


AARAuctions is used by more than 12 New York state counties to conduct tax-foreclosed property auctions. The following are a handful of these counties:

  • Orange County, California
  • County of Fulton
  • County of Dutchess
  • County of Otsego
  • County of Clinton
  • County of Orleans
  • County of Franklin
  • County of Lewis
  • County of Sullivan
  • County of Madison
  • County of Greene

The style of the website, registration, and bidding procedure are all simple. AARAuctions, like every other auction website, has a buyer’s premium. It’s usually 10%, however it might vary depending on the county. 

The buyer’s premium is the charge that must be paid to AARAuctions by the buyer. Typically, this cost is 10% of the winning offer. As an example, if you pay $20,000 for a home, 10% of the value is $2,000. As a result, the home must be purchased for $22,000. The county gets $20,000 and the AARAuction receives $2,000 in this example.


AuctionsInternational is used by more than ten New York State counties to perform tax Auction of Foreclosuress. The following are some of the counties:

  • County of Niagara
  • County of Cattaraugus
  • County of Cayuga
  • County of Chautauqua
  • County of Chemung
  • County of Seneca

In-person auctions are held in Oneida, Schoharie, and a few other counties. 

Property is not foreclosed owing to outstanding taxes in Westchester, New York City, Nassau, and a few other counties. These counties instead offer tax lien certificates. 

We recommend searching for “(county name) ny tax deed sale” on Google. This will take you to a website dedicated to that county’s real estate auctions. 

Auction of Foreclosures

Foreclosure is a great method to get a great deal on a property. The county courthouse is where these live auctions take place. A reputable local realtor can usually provide the most up-to-date information about pre-foreclosure. County court papers, on the other hand, are the most reliable source for staying informed.

These county court papers may be found on the internet. On, more than 35 counties in New York state share their information. This website has one disadvantage: it is not free. You may, however, easily examine all data if you go to the county real estate office.

Alternative sources to get Auction of Foreclosures notice are and However, these websites sometimes don’t show every foreclosure. Thus, potential buyers will miss many properties if they solely rely on these websites.


Bid4Assets seldom holds real estate auctions in the state of New York. However, it’s a great place to keep track of forthcoming auctions in New York. On their site, they provide announcements and bulletins about future NY auctions.

Having issues with Zillow

If you’re looking to purchase a house or property, don’t only depend on Zillow. Working with a local realtor is preferable. 

The listings on Zillow aren’t updated often, and they don’t always feature many homes. Their Zestimate is incorrect, leading prospective purchasers astray. Their listings are often incorrect. For example, they may display homes that are for sale but have already been sold. is superior than Zillow in this regard. 

Inspection in Progress

The majority of these auctions are held online. Pictures, SBL, market value, and other information are available on every auction page. However, we highly encourage you to personally check the property.  

A house, apartment, or piece of land may seem appealing in photographs, but it may be a dump in reality. Never bid on a property without seeing it first. Even a roadside check will show the status of the property, such as whether it is a wetland or not, terrain, road problems, and so on. 

Tax on real estate

Every property usually has three taxes. County tax, School tax, and Town/City/Village Tax (The county tax is often collected by the local municipality – the town.)

Before bidding on a property, ensure the yearly Tax on real estate amount. There are counties in New York state where the taxes are so high that owning a house is unaffordable in the long run. For example, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk County have one of America’s highest Tax on real estate rates. Therefore, please ensure that the yearly tax amount is reasonable before bidding on a house.

The “cheap old houses for sale new york” is a great way to buy real estate in the New York area. The city has many older homes that are still in good condition but have been neglected over time.

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