How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

Today I’ll explain how to update the firmware and MCU versions of the Ledger Nano S. Not only, Nano S, by reading this post, you can update Ledger Nano X firmware too, of course, the Blue model too.

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If the firmware of your Nano X, Blue or Ledger Nano S MCU is outdated, this guide will help you solve your hardware portfolio problems.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

French cryptocurrency company Ledger announced on 13. November updated the firmware version of its Ledger Nano S to 1.6. This is a very important firmware update for Ledger, as you can now install up to 20 applications at once on your Ledger device.

Previously, this limit was 4-5 apps for the Nano S, up to 100 for the Nano X, and 8-10 apps for the Ledger Blue. Ledger has also made its security features more robust than before. You will also find some functional changes.

After the update, the Ledger Nano S will have as much application space as the 1.4.2 firmware version. After the update to 1.4.2, the device’s memory dropped significantly, which many users complained about. But now, with the latest Ledger Nano S firmware update, the storage capacity of your hardware wallet has been increased and you can install more wallet apps.

Next, we will learn how to update the firmware version of the Ledger Nano S MCU. We will also see how to update the firmware version of the Ledger Nano S MCU when the device asks you for an update.

What’s new in the Ledger Nano S firmware:

  • Previously, the number of apps that could be installed on the Ledger Nano S was 4-5, but most users could only install 4. But in the latest Ledger Nano S firmware update, this limit has been increased by 12-13 applications. You can now install up to 20 applications on your ledger device. Although the number of apps that can be downloaded to the Ledger Nano S depends on the size of the apps, in my opinion you can easily install 5-7 apps.
  • The team has been working to significantly improve the user experience. The Ledger Nano S interface is now similar to the Ledger Nano X, Ledger’s next-generation hardware portfolio. Read: Ledger Nano X vs. Ledger Nano S – which one should you buy?
  • You can now lock the screen of the device by pressing both buttons for 3 seconds. Previously, there was no option to lock the device and it automatically locked after a few minutes of inactivity. (The feature already exists, I just added it in case you didn’t already know).
  • To increase the storage capacity of the Ledger Nano S, some unused features, such as rotating the device’s screen, have been removed. See the complete list of supported components.
  • After some cache optimizations, the developers managed to make the device slightly faster than before. In addition, some bugs have been fixed, such as. B. WebUSB support or USB package for Windows 8.
  • When setting up the device, the registry asked you to enter some words from your recovery seed. However, if you configure the device, you must enter the 24 words in the package and confirm. This is a very hectic update, but very important to make sure your recovery seed is written correctly.

Listed above are some of the changes and improvements that will be made with this latest Ledger firmware update.

Important points to consider before upgrading the Book Nano X, S or Blue

  • Have 12, 18 or 24 recovery seeds on hand. However, updating the Ledger Nano S’s firmware will not erase your device’s recovery software. However, you must have the seed of restoration as a precaution.
  • Once your device is updated, all your crypto-currency wallet apps will be removed from your device. But your crypto-currencies will not be affected. If you reinstall your apps, you’ll have access to your crypto-currencies. Message: All apps can be installed/uninstalled without risking losing your money, according to the Ledge Official blog.
  • The update may take 15 minutes or longer, so please be patient.
  • If you get the error message MCU firmware is outdated after the update, you should also update your recorder’s MCU firmware. It’s very simple. I’ll show you how.

You are now ready to update the Ledger Nano S firmware and the outdated MCU version.

Fear of selling:

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

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How do I update the firmware on my Nano S recorder?

The video above will help you update the firmware and MCU versions of your Ledger hardware portfolio. If you prefer, you can read on.

Warning: Do not upgrade your Nano S, X or Blue Ledger unless you have your personal AKA 24 Seed recovery key handy. The update does not remove the recovery phrase from the device, but if something has gone wrong, you will need to use the seed to access your cryptographic assets. If you didn’t have your private key, you would end up losing all your coins. And right now, there’s no way to return coins without a private key.

First, connect the device to your computer and unlock it as usual with the PIN code. (Forgotten your PIN? Learn how to reset the PIN code of your Nano S recorder)

Open the Ledger Live application and enter your login password to access the control panel. Then click on Manager in the sidebar.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

Click the Allow button on the recorder to allow the application Manager to access the device.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

When you go to the Ledger Live Manager section, at the top of the page, you can read an update notification and an update button. To update the datalogger firmware, click on the Update button.

Press the Next button to confirm the firmware update.

Once the update has started, all you have to do is wait.

Error : Sorry, there’s not enough room.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

Ah! I made a mistake, I’m sorry, there’s not enough room. If you don’t get this error message, that’s fine, otherwise you need to remove some installed wallet apps like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others from the registry device to make room for the new update.

Don’t worry about it. When you uninstall the application, your parts remain intact. After reinstalling the application, your credit balance will be displayed again. This is because your coins are not linked to the wallet application.

Then, as you can see, there is not enough space on my device for this configuration. So, to free up some space, I’m going to remove the Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin wallet apps. To remove an application, click the Remove icon next to the Wallet application you want to remove in the Administration panel.

So I have removed 4 apps from my device and I think my Ledger Nano S is now ready for the latest firmware update.

Click Refresh again and then Next.

On you. The update has begun.

When the update download is complete, an identification will appear on your computer screen. The same ID is displayed on the Ledge screen. Compare the two options, if they match, press the OK button on the recorder’s hardware wallet and enter the PIN to continue. Otherwise, press the cancel key.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

To upgrade an obsolete version of the MCU and perform a ledge firmware upgrade, do the following:

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

  • Disconnect the wallet from the recorder by removing the USB cable
  • Leave the application Ledger Live as it is
  • Press the left button on your wallet.
  • Hold down the left button and reconnect the recorder to the computer.
  • Hold down the left button even if the bootloader screen appears.
  • The Ledger Nano S MCU version, bootloader, etc. have been updated to the latest versions.
  • Be patient. Do nothing. Wait….
  • Finally, you will read on the computer screen that the ledger firmware is being updated along with the MCU version.

After updating your device, you can access your wallet by entering your PIN. Message: Only the settings are made. You will need to reinstall the applications.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated the firmware and MCU version of the Ledger Nano S.

How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

Ledger Nano S Firmware FAQ and MCU upgrade

What happens if I do not update my recording device?

Nothing’s going to happen. You do not need to update your Nano S, X or Blue logbook. However, you will need to upgrade it to unlock new features and updates, such as. B. You can install up to 20 applications. In addition, the latest update brings some security improvements. To ensure the safety of your device, always update it.

How many applications can I install after upgrading my Ledger Nano S, X or Blue?

It depends on the size of the applications. According to Ledger, you can install up to 20 apps on your Ledger Nano S, and up to 100 in the case of the Ledger Nano X; depending on the crypto-currencies you install. Some portfolio applications require more space, so this number may vary. However, you can easily install 5 to 7 applications on the Model S.

Should I reintroduce recreational seeding?

No, renewal does not destroy your seed. But it’s very risky to update the ledger without a private key. I suggest you refrain from upgrading your device unless you have a restorer’s seed.

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