Market Forecaster Jim Bianco Says Ethereum Has a Lot of Upside, Investor Doesn’t Hold Bitcoin – Finance Bitcoin News

Market Forecaster Jim Bianco Says Ethereum Has a Lot of Upside, Investor Doesn’t Hold Bitcoin – Finance Bitcoin News

Jim Bianco, an analyst who specializes in macroeconomics and asset allocation, has noted that Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has a lot of upside that has yet to be realized. At the same time, he claimed that the investor was not holding bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, because of its recent downturn.  Bianco’s bullish forecast comes after a series of developments for Ethereum in recent months, including the announcement of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, an open-source blockchain initiative that seeks to develop applications and protocols to enable businesses to work together more efficiently.

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Market forecaster Jim Bianco told CNBC he thinks Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, will go as high as $7,500. The reason? It’s being used for a growing number of applications, from smart contracts to online casinos.

As a market forecaster, Jim Bianco has a record of being right on many issues. Bianco began his career by managing $5 billion in assets for Paine Webber, and has since been a guest on CNBC and Bloomberg. He has also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Investor’s Business Daily. Bianco manages a $1 billion hedge fund portfolio, and the value of his holdings has risen by $100 million in the last year. Bianco says the Ethereum price has a lot of upside, and he believes the digital currency will soon be valued at $1,500. “Most cryptocurrencies are in a giant speculative bubble, but I think that Ethereum is different and in a new. Read more about ethereum price prediction 2025 and let us know what you think.

Market Forecaster Jim Bianco Says Ethereum Has a Lot of Upside, Investor Doesn’t Hold Bitcoin – Finance Bitcoin News On May 27, Bianco Research President Jim Bianco said in an interview that he believes the crypto economy has great growth potential. Bianco said it has owned a basket of crypto assets such as Ethereum since 2017, but not Bitcoin.

Bianco Research’s president owns a basket of digital coins, but doesn’t hold bitcoin

Bianco Research, L.L.C. is a service firm that provides qualitative and quantitative macro investment research to institutional investors. Company president and market analyst Jim Bianco sat down with the hosts of CNBC’s Trading Nation on Wednesday to discuss the crypto economy. Bianco believes in digital currencies and has been investing for four years. During that time, he assembled a basket of crypto assets. However, Bianco does not own Bitcoin (BTC) and believes that coins such as Ethereum will rank much higher in the future. However, Bianco stressed that cryptocurrency investors will face ups and downs along the way. In the coming months or next year, you’ll see a lot more of what we saw last week, Bianco noted.

US faces non-translational inflation, Bianco says cryptocurrencies hold promise

Bianco has also been an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy easing over the past year and recently spoke out against Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s statement on temporary inflation. The director of Bianco Research doesn’t think this will be a temporary situation and says America will experience non-transferable inflation. For the 9th. In March 2020, Bianco said he was a bond bull, but quickly revised his optimism after the 10-year Treasury bond fell to 32 basis points. As for cryptocurrencies, Bianco told the hosts of CNBC’s Trading Nation: This is promising and very important, he said. The problem is that the other engine is some kind of out of control casino where people are betting that these coins will go up and down. However, the analyst warns that crypto assets could experience a 50-70% price drop due to the novelty of the technology. Nonetheless, Bianco believes that once crypto assets get past the adoption phase, digital currencies will become the backbone of the global economy. That means we’re going to make a lot less profit from now on, Bianco said. Risk and reward now you will have less risk and reward when it is taken and volatility decreases. Additionally, Bianco noted that cryptoassets have a correlation to other risky assets such as equities, and that access to these new assets is critical. This was not the case three or four years ago. But that’s now the case, Bianco said in the interview. If we have more volatility in the financial market or the stock market, like the VIX index, that could strengthen the cryptocurrency space as a belief that yes, we need a new solution, and that solution, he added. What do you think of Jim Bianco’s opinion on the crypto economy and his prediction that Ethereum has much more growth potential? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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