Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

The art of making your own film and showing it on screens around the world is never an easy task. While platforms like YouTube or shorter forms of media like TikTok or Instagram have opened up new possibilities for would-be filmmakers, the nature of the big picture remains as murky as ever. In our review of Mogul Productions, we look at how the platform is trying to revolutionize the way movies are financed.

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After all, humanity’s ingenuity has proven that each of us has the potential to do great things. However, the main limitation for many, even for the most mature options, is almost always money. Fortunately, there’s Mogul Productions, which strives to help new and hopeful filmmakers take the plunge. Mogul Productions wants to bring DeFi into the film industry.

To write, distribute, produce, market and release a film, you have to put your hand in your pocket, and generally only the wealthiest communities in places like Hollywood can afford it. The Mogul Productions platform can speed up this process and allow any filmmaker, even those with a limited budget, to benefit from the same opportunities as any experienced filmmaker. So read our review of Mogul Productions to find out more about what makes them so exciting.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

What is a tycoon?

Mogul Productions was founded to bring innovation to the film industry. Often innovation in the film and entertainment industry revolves around the process of making and releasing the films themselves. For example with advanced videography or streaming technology. However, Mogul Productions wants to contribute to innovation by using decentralized blockchain technology for behind-the-scenes film production.

With Mogul Productions, they strive to provide the best shot in the film industry for amateurs and experienced filmmakers in the entertainment industry. Mogul also aims to revolutionize the way filmmakers can now interact with their fans and allow audiences to better understand how films are made. The result is a whole new understanding of how to interact with the fanbase and, for creators, how to better leverage their contributions.

The most fascinating aspect of Mogul is not only how all filmmakers can gain equal access to resources for their films or create a new channel to reach relevant audiences, but also how they want to change the traditional funding model for film. Mogul Productions aims to bring the decentralized, efficient, fair, transparent and intelligent world of decentralized finance (DeFi) to Hollywood.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry


Who are the people behind Mughal productions?

Mogul Productions, which uses the STARS crypto-currency token, wants to integrate blockchain smarts into the politics of filmmaking. The members of Mogul Productions, who have come together to form an exceptional ensemble, have extensive experience in the entertainment world and cover the entire film industry. Producers have helped create more than 225 hours of scripted content and produced more than 95 feature films.

These films have been screened at the most prestigious film festivals in the world, such as Sundance, Cannes, Venice, etc. In total, the impressive team at Mogul Productions made $425 million at the box office, with more awards to come. These include top nominations, Oscars, three Golden Globes, an Emmy, a BAFTA Award, a People’s Choice Award, etc.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

What can Mogul Productions do?

In our review of Mogul Productions, we now look at what it can actually do. What is blockchain worth, and what value does it have in the film industry? you might ask. First of all, embracing blockchain in itself is not the ultimate solution to creating something new or trying to revolutionize a more traditional and old-fashioned industry. How it is executed and the minds behind it are equally important.

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This is where Mogul Productions shines, creating a new and innovative platform that seamlessly connects major funders, aspiring filmmakers and filmmakers with their passionate audiences. So for our Mogul Productions review, we’re going to dive into what Mogul Productions is trying to accomplish and how it’s going to do it. This will give us a better understanding of what makes Mogul Productions unique.

1. Support from experienced Hollywood insiders and industry experts.

Mogul Productions is certainly not the first company to attempt to disrupt film financing. However, what sets Mogul Productions apart from other platforms that have tried and failed is the makeup of their team. The development of Mogul Productions is supported by a group of experienced and influential members of the wider entertainment industry.

They include successful Hollywood producers, entrepreneurs, actors and other industry professionals with years and often decades of experience. Some of the key members of Mogul Productions are people like Cindy Cowan. As a producer, she received Emmy nominations, Golden Globe and People’s Choice Awards for If These Walls Could Talk and an Oscar for Traffic, starring Michael Douglas.

Then we have Lyric Bent, an actor known for his appearances in the cult films Saw and the hit TV series Rookie Blue and Book of Negroes. Actor and entrepreneur James Pratt is also a member of Mogul Productions and has starred in films such as The Battle of Long Tan. Another key member of the team is David Cormican, who has worked on projects such as The Tokyo Trial, Between and The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

2. Easy platform for creatives to get support and funding.

The main benefit of the Mogul Productions platform is that creators can easily find and get support for their future films. Traditionally, filmmakers have had to spend a lot of time, energy, and money to find financiers willing to invest in and support their projects. More successful filmmakers could fund their own creations, but the barrier to making and releasing a film is high enough to be a deterrent.

This means that the traditional methods of financing a film are not only intense and stressful for any creator, especially beginners, but also do not necessarily guarantee the film’s reception. Mogul Productions hosts all upcoming projects from all participating creators on its platform, so they are on equal footing when seeking financial support and have easier access to Hollywood’s resources.

Mogul Productions claims to have created the world’s first continuously operating organization, a community-based governance model that delegates funds in the most efficient and fair manner possible and provides an immediate and efficient cash flow to its participants. This includes using self-sustaining smart contracts to organize Mogul Productions’ finances fairly and create incentives such as profit sharing among members to best reward the community and support creators and their projects.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

3. A smarter, more insightful platform for funders and investors.

One of the most misunderstood professions in the entertainment industry is that of the wealthy financiers who spend large sums of money to help create movies and other forms of media. As we learned in our review of Mogul Productions, their platform makes it easier for writers to find funding for their projects. Similarly, it is easier for financiers to find potential and promising projects to invest in.

Through the platform Mogul Productions, any investor, even those with little capital, can contribute to the financing of a film. It is a much more efficient, safer and faster process. This also ensures transparency in the financing of the film’s production, and active community support can provide an additional confidence boost to the lenders investing in the film. In general, and this includes the platform’s additional money-making opportunities, backers can be further rewarded.

Mogul Productions’ framework is also known as decentralized film financing or DeFi. For example, the platform could allow funders to more accurately estimate their potential return on investment (ROI). B. The previously mentioned ability to understand the mood of their audience. Mogul Productions is constantly optimising its platforms, for example by integrating the oracle Chainlink node for off-chain financial data, which allows profits to be distributed and paid out more fairly.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry


4. Fans and viewers are involved in the filmmaking process.

However, the Mogul Production network is not just for the industry. And then there’s the fact that their ecosystem puts the viewer right in the middle of the making of the film itself. This way they can provide valuable information or suggestions to the filmmakers, who appreciate their input when looking for locations for their films. For financiers and investors, it could also be a new way to understand their feelings and use hype as a variable for where best to invest their money.

In the meantime, fans and moviegoers are encouraged to actively and meaningfully participate in their favorite projects. Your participation will be rewarded with STARS coins from Mogul Productions, which the creators can use to offer their fans special memorabilia, such as special posters and movie posters, tickets to red carpet events or exclusive backstage invitations. Within the Mogul Productions network, the audience is central to the management process.

Through a fair governance model called Mogul Square Voting, users can discuss and vote on the films they want to see funded. This fair and transparent funding model allows all filmmakers to see their projects come to life. And to make sure the voting is absolutely fair, each vote is counted according to a formula that makes it exponentially more difficult at first.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

5. Incentives to attract users and new marketing methods.

As we have already learned, the Mogul Production ecosystem encourages community involvement in all aspects of the project. This commitment also applies to viewers, producers and investors. The decentralized film financing platform Mogul therefore also offers many new opportunities for everyone involved to earn something, if not see a potential blockbuster come to life piece by piece.

By opening the doors to DeFi opportunities, fans have new opportunities to earn something for their participation, and creators can sell their films in a variety of ways. Imagine, as a spectator, that you can win special collectibles or get exclusive passes. Creators could also promote their films more effectively by creating unique, non-displayable tokens (NFTs) and distributing merchandise to their fans. Everything works on the runners of STARS itself.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry


What is Star Mogul Productions?

So far, our report on Mogul Productions has allowed us to describe the many ways their decentralized blockchain-based film financing platform (DeFiFi) can help disrupt the traditional film industry financing and investment model. It’s time to get a better understanding of its expansive, entertainment-based economy and how it can influence film financing while enabling its users to make money.

Mogul Production’s platform is built on Ethereum. For example, STARS’ own crypto currency tokens are built on the ERC-20 standard. It is the proprietary currency of the Mogul Productions ecosystem, and its use is necessary to access many features of the platform. For example, creators need STARS tokens to present ideas and projects to the community. In the meantime, the public can vote via STARS on which projects to fund.

On the platform, users can view the projects reviewed by the Mogul team and get related information such as the subject of the film, posters, trailers, actors, etc. For example, STARS are awarded in exchange for community participation. B. for valuable feedback on a particular project, and to earn more stars by betting their chips. Additionally, STARS cryptocurrencies can be used to make expenditures on the Mogul Productions platform, such as purchasing merchandise.


What else can STARS crypto currency tokens be used for?

At the time of writing this article by Mogul Productions (February 27, 2021), STARS tokens could be purchased on their platform using Ethereum (ETH) or USD Coin (USDC) as an acceptable payment method. The current waiting period for early access and the first tranche of STARS tokens is 26 days. Mogul Productions also has a built-in smart wallet that allows you to securely store, purchase, exchange, deploy or use your STARS.

Therefore, Mogul Productions’ STARS cryptographic cards are compatible with other DeFi protocols. This opens up even more opportunities for the use of STAR tokens, beyond their own economy. For example, Mogul Productions’ platform also supports non-displayable tokens (NFTs) for fans, where creators can mint their own NFTs and offer collectibles or memorabilia to their fans.

Initially, 400 million STARS coins will be shipped, and the supply will increase by 4% each year. As we learned in our review of Mogul Productions, STARS tokens are an important currency in its ecosystem. It serves both the utility of the platform and its management. In the latter case, 5% of the profits of Mughal films are deposited in an escrow account.

How the funds in this escrow account can be used will depend on the outcome of the community vote. As for the distribution of STARS tokens, 400 million of them will be distributed through multiple channels:

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

Future distribution of STARS cryptocurrency tokens.

10% for early adopters – This includes tokens sold to Mogul Productions early adopters.

40% from ticket sales – As we’ll discuss in more detail later in our Mogul Productions review, you can earn STARS crypto currency tokens by purchasing your choice of different tickets, which also give you access to other special features and rewards within the Mogul platform.

5% for Mughal agricultural campaigns – This is done in partnership with the Uniswap Protocol, in the provision of fixed cash flow from Mughal production.

10% to boost farm growth – Mogul Productions has partnered with Uniswap, a renowned decentralized farm money exchange protocol. This is to support the initial growth of the Mogul Productions tokenomy, with rewards for farmers and lenders. Mogul Productions also has the advantage of reaching Uniswap’s huge customer base of over 40 million people. STARS will be distributed to early adopters within the first 600,000 blocks of Ethereum.

20% for ongoing operations – This allocation of STARS tokens will be used to fund Mogul Productions’ operations over a three-year period. This includes funding their daily operations, supporting new developments and future growth, and encouraging their management.

10% for marketing – Mogul Productions is also working on marketing its platform to a wider audience, and STARS crypto-currency tokens will be used for rewards, funding influencer partnerships, and promoting the Mogul ecosystem.

5% for ecosystem development – Mogul Productions will distribute STARS tokens to drive growth by motivating users within its ecosystem and allowing network members to earn money through special games, challenges and a referral program to attract more users to its platform.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

What is a Mughal passport?

After Mogul Production released Blast on the 18th. In February, it attracted more than 6,000 new users in the first 24 hours. Mogul is currently working on a public sale of limited passes starting on the 25th. March to 8. April 2021. At the time of writing this review of Mogul Productions, only 2,375 passes have been made available to early adopters, divided into four different levels;

  • Successful completion of Level 1 (ALL), with 2,000 successes
  • Level 2 (VIP) pass, with 250 passes
  • Level 3 (Backstage) Pass, with 100 steps
  • Level 4 pass (red carpet), 25 passes in total.

An access card is essentially a ticket for exclusive access or allows its holders to earn more rewards. With the Access Pass, you can purchase unique merchandise in advance, gain exclusive access to events, earn special memorabilia like movie posters or NFTs, and collect STARS coins. For example, a Level 1 access title gives its holder 5,000 STARS, while a Level 4 access title can give its holder 2,000,000 STARS.

This allows Access Pass holders to receive STARS crypto currency tokens earlier than other users and have a more unique interaction with a director or project. The different levels of tickets also determine the types of rewards you can redeem to fund and support a particular film. Level 1 holders can win unique NFTs, event tickets or copies of films, while Level 4 holders can even win a voucher for a title or a seat for the first screening.

What are the updates to Mogul Productions’ playbook?

At the time of writing, the team at Mogul Productions is working hard to keep improving their platform and adding new features after the initial launch. They’ve had a great start with nine films already available in their storefront, ready for funding and user interaction. At the last count, more than 65 major figures in the entertainment industry have praised Mogul Live.

The team of Mogul Productions will have its hands full during the following months: March, April, May and June. Already we will see a major rollout of their long-awaited STARS crypto currency tokens, further integration with decentralized financial protocols (DeFi), and the public sale of their access cards. Following its successful integration with Chainlink, Mogul will also partner with Polygon to access its scalable Ethereum Tier 2 solutions.

They will also work with Biconomy to better optimize the underlying Web3 platform. Suffice it to say that after more than two years of work and finally at 18. In February, the show received incredible buzz and support from Mogul Productions and opened to the public. As a very young project, they will no doubt have a heavy burden on their shoulders to prove what they can do. Mogul Productions currently has two major updates on their roadmap, which are below the line.

The first one will be around the first or second quarter of 2021, and we will see a further expansion of their services. Your project will focus on recruiting new members, planning new partnerships, and launching an ambassador and partner program. Between 2021 and 2022, the roadmap will be updated again when Mogul Productions further expands its services and fully implements a film production financing program and a dedicated mobile app.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry


Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

Mogul Products Review – Conclusion.

But for now, we can start by summarizing our thoughts for this Mogul Productions review and scrutinizing the next few months of its nascent existence. It’s safe to say that Mogul Productions and its innovative decentralized platform are revolutionary and could completely change the way movies are financed, just as Netflix is changing the way we consume movies.

By combining the power of blockchain with the intelligence and advanced capabilities of DeFi, decentralized film financing platform Mogul Productions has been able to create a seamless relationship between the home audience, the filmmakers behind the camera, and the lenders signing the checks. This opens up a whole new world for efficient investments, equitable content creation and holistic experiences for all users.

Now your Netflix and Chill sessions can be even more special, knowing that you helped bring the film to life by giving it the attention it deserves and giving a chance to a director who otherwise never would have made it in the trenches of Hollywood. With Mogul Productions, you expand the vast and infinite world of film and digital media.

Mogul Product overview
  • User-friendly
  • Features
  • Project values
  • Tokenomics model
  • Roadmap updates


  • Provides a simple platform for anyone who wants to be involved in the process from script to screen; for example, creators in need of support or funders looking for new projects.
  • The platform is supported and facilitated by experienced members of the entertainment industry.
  • More meaningful data for filmmakers and creators, while viewers can provide valuable feedback and suggestions for the film.
  • A comprehensive local economy based on STARS tokens with a wide range of uses, such as buying or trading specific goods.
  • This allows users to earn rewards such as NFTs for collectibles or access to exclusive events and tickets to special shows.


  • It is currently a young and immature project that has only recently started and still needs to be developed and updated.

Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

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