Olyseum Launches The World’s First Experiential NFT Platform To Strengthen Celebrity-fan Engagement

Olyseum Launches The World’s First Experiential NFT Platform To Strengthen Celebrity-fan Engagement

Olyseum, the entertainment company and award-winning digital content producer, has partnered with NFTx to launch an experiential platform featuring a full complement of AI-powered digital and social media experiences for fans of celebrities and music artists.

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Celebrity-fan engagement is a big deal in the industry. Today, fans want to do more than simply be a fan; they want to interact with their favorite stars in a way that they have never been able to do before. Cryptocurrency has been a great way for this to happen, and celebrities are the ones leading the way. One of the most exciting things that cryptocurrency offers is the ability to actually purchase things with their favorite stars, things that they could only dream of before—something that is the beginning of a new era of engagement.

Celebrity-fan engagement is rapidly becoming a big deal across the world. As a result, influencer marketing is on the rise. As followers grow, the influencer is able to share more about their lives, share their opinions, and be heard. However, while this is all great in theory, there is a lack of practicality. For example, some influencers have been criticized for the lack of authenticity that can be found in their posts. With a traditional post, the creator has the ability to add an image to be seen by the viewer, while a more interactive post allows for the fans to be involved in the post. The same idea extends to crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfunding is a great way for fans to support their favorite artists. Read more about nft marketplaces and let us know what you think.

Olyseum Launches The World’s First Experiential NFT Platform To Strengthen Celebrity-fan Engagement

Geneva, Switzerland, 28. June 2021,

Olyseum, a blockchain-based social ecosystem that rewards fan engagement, is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first star experience-based NFT platform (xNFT).

The platform was designed to fundamentally change the landscape of fan engagement and take NFT to the next level. The Olyseum offers a gamified, authentic and meaningful interaction between celebrities and fans.

More than 30 stars with hundreds of millions of followers on social media have already joined the platform ahead of the official launch, including Olyseum co-founders Carles Puyol and Andres Iniesta, as well as MotoGP star Jorge Martin, motorsport icon Tony Boo and Michelin 5-star chef Eneko Atxa.

The Olyseum promotes stars through revenue from advertising, sponsorship and the sale of experimental NFTs (xNFTs). Stars use the platform to connect with their fans by creating content, trying out skills, and having experiences. Each star will have its own solar system, giving fans an exclusive experience.

The Olyseum offers fans a wide selection of xNFTs so they can build their own collections, move up the rankings and have an exclusive experience with their favorite celebrities.

In addition, Olyseum’s native token OLY is listed today on the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, expanding its reach to over 4 million users in 150 countries.

Olyseum was founded by leading computer scientist and neuroscientist Carlos Grenoir, who is also the CEO, and world-renowned cyber security consultant Kevin Mitnick. Former Barcelona players Carles Pujol, Andrés Iniesta and Ivan de la Peña are also among the founders.

Carlos Grenoir, co-founder and general manager of the Olyseum, commented on the launch:: In today’s crowded social media landscape, fans have tremendous control over the activities of their favorite stars, but the level of interaction is extremely limited and lacks real content. While the rapidly growing NFT space provides fertile ground for stars to develop high-quality digital representations of their content, the fan-star paradigm has not been sufficiently explored – until now.

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Olyseum aims to redefine the parameters of fan engagement, empower fans to validate their fandom, increase access to authentic celebrity experiences and create a trading and distribution platform for xNFT. We also offer Stars the opportunity to enrich existing NFTs and convert them into xNFTs on our platform. With our unparalleled network of international icons, the Olyseum’s xNFT platform is well positioned to become the preferred market for stars and fans. It provides a solid environment for stars to make their debut in the cryptosphere, showcase their brand and monetize their star power.

Olyseum’s key investors include bank Crédit Andorrà, BuyVIP co-founder Gerald Haydenreich, former Rothschild senior advisor Javier de Rocafort, superhacker Kevin Mitnick, INDITEX partner Jordi Balbe, and former Barcelona players Carles Pujol, Andres Iniesta and Ivan de la Peña.

Major Olyseum token holders include Jehan Chu, founder of Kenetic Capital and co-founder of Social Alpha Foundation, Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum, David Garcia, founder of Borderless Capital and Ripio, and Albert Castellana, co-founder of NEM Foundation.

OLY is a token based on the ERC-20 standard. It was launched at Uniswap in February. The token is listed on Gate.io, ProBit, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko exchanges and integrated into Oxis and Monedero wallets.

About the Olyseum

Olyseum is a flagship reward platform for experience and enriched non-playable tokens (NFT), making them more accessible and monetizable, taking non-playable tokens to the next level. The growing list of stars of the Olyseum is united by a common mission: Create opportunities for meaningful and authentic interactions with fans and reward them for their support and involvement in the Celebrity Economy. For more information, visit: olyseum.com, olyseum.medium.com and https://olyseum.zendesk.com.


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