PUSH Project Listing And Giveaway On WazirX [Participate And Win]

PUSH Project Listing And Giveaway On WazirX [Participate And Win]

Ethereum PUSH Notification Service or EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain to send notifications. The user-centric DeFi protocol allows to receive instant notifications from smart contracts, web services3 or dApps on mobile phones, tablets, web browsers or crypto wallets. What else? You can also earn crypto-currencies to receive notifications.

Overall, despite the rapid development of blockchain technology, there is still a lot missing. Blockchain technology does not send you direct notifications about its services and requires you to constantly check your email for notifications. EPNS bridges the gap between users and the blockchain ecosystem, facilitating communication through instant notifications. You no longer need to search for alerts in emails. Just activate the EPNS push notification service.

Users of Android and iOS phones can download the EPNS app and sign up for the notification service. $PUSH is the official token of the EPNS protocol. Owners of $PUSH tokens have a say in the blockchain community and can receive up to 70% of the value of the network as compensation.

PUSH Project Listing And Giveaway On WazirX [Participate And Win]

PUSH list and calendar of gifts to WazirX

On April 22, a Thursday, PUSH will announce its subscription to WazirX. Users can trade, buy or sell PUSH tokens on the INR/USDT market and have a chance to win great prizes. You can also use your WazirX wallet to fund and withdraw your PUSH tokens.

Donation programme

AMA with Harsh Rajat and Rich Joshi

The 22nd. In April, on a Thursday, WazirX is hosting an AMA session with Harsh Rajat and Rich Joshi, co-founders of the EPNS project. You can participate in a live interactive session and ask questions about the project and any obvious issues. In the first part of the session, the band is muted and Harsh and Rich answer 10 questions posed by the audience on Twitter. In the second part, the group will be silent for 10 minutes and you can ask questions live. The best part of the session is that you can be rewarded for the questions you ask. The best 10 questions from the Twitter group and the best 5 questions from the Telegram group will win $100 and $50 respectively.

Kaun’s Senior Merchants Marathon

  • Date – 26. April, from Monday to the 28th. April, Wednesday and 3. May, Monday to Friday. May, Wednesday
  • Time – 9 AM IST

Participate in a 48-hour non-stop trading marathon and stand a chance to win up to INR 8,28,200 ($10,000) in prizes. The marathon is divided into two parts. You can enter any contest whenever you want. Redeem more and receive cash rewards!

Quiz competition

You must join the WazirX Telegram group to participate in this fun quiz. There will be 10 questions in total and for each correct answer you can receive prizes from $10 to $100.

Quiz Contest

Follow our Instagram account and join us on Tuesday the 27th. April, to enter the WazirX fun questions contest. Follow our story on Instagram and win prizes by answering questions. There will be 5 questions in total and for each correct answer you can earn 1.5625 PUSH chips.

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