STC Token Is Live – Over 10 Crypto Exchanges Are Ready For It

STC Token Is Live – Over 10 Crypto Exchanges Are Ready For It

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The STC Token is live. STC is the acronym for “Simple Token” and it is exactly what it sounds like: a simple token that you can use to build tokens on Ethereum. The STC Token is an “ERC20 token” which means it is built on top of Ethereum, with many of the benefits of Ether. Anyone in the world can purchase STCs and use them to create their own Ethereum-based token. (Disclaimer: this is not financial advice – please do your own research before making any investment decisions.) If you are looking for an STC Token, it is available on 10+ exchange platforms, and here are some of the more popular ones:

STC Token is an ERC-20 token that has been listed on over ten cryptocurrency exchanges since its ICO ended early November. Its ICO raised over $10 million in less than 3 weeks, making it one of the most successful ICOs of 2018 so far. The demand for STC Token is rising as more and more people are starting to understand why its value can go up in the long run. STC Token has a very strong community backing it as well, with over 35,000 followers on Twitter and 15,000 members on Telegram.

Supported by over 500 universities due to its unique approach to students and cryptocurrencies, Student Coin has successfully sold its STC tokens for ICOs.

Although Launchpad has until the 30th. April had to run, finished the 150. Phase nine days earlier due to increased demand for the STC token. Student Coin, for example, sold at least 5 billion tokens in less than two months.

Now that the ICO is over, all that’s left to do is go to the cryptocurrency exchanges and buy the cryptocurrency while they’re fresh – because they’re likely to rise in price quickly.

STC Token Is Live – Over 10 Crypto Exchanges Are Ready For It

Where can I buy an STC Token?

First, you can buy it directly in the – that’s the easiest way to get it in seconds.

So far, eight cryptocurrency exchanges have offered the STC token for trading: Uniswap, Waves Exchange, Bithumb Global, CoinTiger, Coinsbit, P2PB2B, Exchange and KuCoin.

Note that not all coins are listed by KuCoin: they are very strict about their partners. This is not surprising, as this is a platform with a trading volume of over $200 billion.

Starting tomorrow, the student currency will also be available on ProBit – starting on the 15th. May 2021.

HitBTC, Changelly, Changelly Pro, CrossTower, Bequant, ACDX and another major exchange to be announced in the coming weeks.

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What is the purpose of the STC badge?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you should know that the STC token is the heart of an entire ecosystem created specifically for students and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the STC token is not only for trading, but also offers the opportunity to create your own token and sell it through a crowdfunding offer.

The aim of this project is to offer students an alternative to bank loans to pay their tuition fees. You may already know that a bank loan comes with a lack of transparency, variable interest rates and virtually no collateral.

Users now only need to set their token on the platform, the value of which is based on the STC token. You can then launch a crowdfunding offer on the platform, get the money you need, redeem it and pay the tuition fees immediately.

Even better: Investors repay students in cycles, just after they graduate and find a permanent job. This procedure can also be used by business owners who do not return the money until their business has made a sufficient profit.

What other products are available from Student Coin?

As we said before, Student Coin is a complete ecosystem, which means it’s not just about STC tokens.

Let’s have a look!

Training Section

Here you will find many courses on cryptocurrencies, arranged in order of difficulty.

But unlike other educational crypto platforms, Student Coin has made the courses interactive. Each chapter section is accompanied by a short quiz, the answer to which is a prerequisite for reading the following pages.

STC portfolio

It allows users to access their assets, whether they come from transactions or are created by them. To access your account, Phemex requires that a unique code be sent to your email for added security.

You can also access weekly surveys, find out all the important news about the STC token and even invest your balance for up to six months at an interest rate of 5-13% APR.

The opportunity to submit bids was opened on 6. May launched and in less than 24 hours over 30% of tokens were offered, meaning at least 1.5 billion STC of all tokens on Launchpad were sold.

Terminal STC (available end of July)

We’ve talked about this before. This application allows users to set up their own STC-based token without any technical knowledge. And there’s plenty to choose from:

  • Personal mementos ;
  • Start runners;
  • Company Tokens ;
  • TheFi coins ;
  • NFT tokens.

STC exchange (available Q3 2021)

It is a place where users can easily exchange their assets for more valuable cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Who supports the STC ecosystem?

Student Coin was created with the help of 44 team members from 12 different countries, all led by the young author of The Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia: a comprehensive guide to the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

He is joined on the team by Caroline Marzantowicz, former CTO of IBM, and Andrew Kusmierz, a faculty member at Stanford University.

Now that you know who made all this possible, you’re ready for the next step: get an STC token and join the crypto community!

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