Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

As a new investor, or just someone who wants to learn more about how the world of cryptocurrencies works, there are a few things you should do. Read white papers and learn how crypto currency networks work, choose a new investor-friendly exchange ( is a great site), and finally learn what social media to follow to better track and predict market behavior.

While there are many bitcoins and cryptocurrencies out there, there can be some confusion about which ones are really worth keeping an eye on. That’s why we made a list of the most influential and knowledgeable accounts in crypto currency.

Balaji Srinivasan

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

The fact that Balaji Srinivasan is Coinbase’s first CTO is a pretty impressive addition to his resume, but he’s had a successful career in bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology all his life. He has co-founded a number of cryptocurrency startups, including social media, databases and mining companies. This makes it a powerhouse when it comes to keeping up with the latest crypto news and investment offerings.

Andre Crown

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

Andre Cronje, a prolific cryptographer who became a renegade philanthropist, is considered one of the most influential people in the field of cryptography, especially with respect to DeFi. In addition to his work on coding and developing some of the most important decentralized financial platforms, he has recently built low-cost financial platforms for African citizens who do not have a bank. Create better options for those who need them. If you’re interested in what’s going on in the DeFi and Crypto Leverage world, look no further than his Twitter feed.

Vitalik Buterin

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

It is a well-known name in the field of cryptography for a reason. Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency on the market, and a true innovator when it comes to creating a financial structure in the crypto space. Using the Ethereum platform to create the necessary financial and investment base, Buterin has helped create smart contracts and a network coding language that allows developers to design some of the most disruptive and responsive cryptosystems for the technology.

Michael Saylor

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

Michael Saylor knows a thing or two about disruptive technologies and applications that could benefit our future, but he’s not your average crypto investor or influencer. The MIT graduate founded an online academy that supports free education and also founded MicroStrategy, a data mining company. Recently, the company attracted attention when it decided to take on debt to bring Microstrategy’s bitcoin holdings to over $2 billion.

Changpeng Zhao

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

The CEO and founder of Binance is an obvious choice when it comes to following someone who has long invested in the future of cryptocurrencies. The stock market expert turned software developer is definitely the best choice if you are wondering where the market may be going, and what software is best suited to take advantage of it. There’s a reason his Twitter feed has nearly a million followers, so don’t hesitate to join in.

Jihan Wu

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

As the co-founder of Bitmain, the world’s largest mining company for cryptocurrencies, Wu has long been a supporter of cryptocurrencies, and that support has placed him firmly in the billionaire category. Jihan Wu has a particular interest in Bitcoin Cash and is an excellent resource if you are interested in this hard fork of Bitcoin. Wu has become a beacon for bitcoin enthusiasts, especially in China, as he tries to find new resources for citizens who want to invest in the highly regulated digital currency.

Barry Silbert

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

As the founder and CEO of a growing and investing cryptocurrency company, Silbert is a powerful force when it comes to predicting the next big waves in cryptocurrency technology. Digital Currency Group has been at the forefront of some of the largest cryptocurrency projects on the market, including Ripple Labs, Bitpay and CoinBase. Mr. Silbert’s expertise in finance and technology marketing can bring new market insights to novice investors.

Jack Dorsey

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

The co-founder and CEO of Twitter also knows a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and payment protocols. Dorsey also founded Square, one of the largest payment portals on the market. The young tech entrepreneur is not only a Twitter guru, but is also involved in a number of political and philanthropic projects. While the man defends cryptocurrencies, his personal rant is an amalgam of several important issues that every cryptocurrency investor should consider.

Elon Musk

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

A man who needs no introduction – Elon Musk is a bit controversial in the crypto community. Not because he’s a persistent person, but because his word seems to be treated like gold by investors. With a simple nod from Mr. Musk, crypto currency prices can rise or fall depending on his mood. This means that any investor looking for insight into potential market trends should definitely take a look at Elon.

Danny Ryan

Top 10 Influencers in Crypto New Investors Should Follow

The software developer comes from a hard-to-fathom Ethereum Foundation researcher, but he is one of the main minds behind the coordination of Eth2, the newest (and arguably most exciting) Ethereum network. So, if you want to know the future of Ethereum and crypto finance at its core, Danny is your man. But good luck finding him around Twitter.

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