Top 13 Coins that will Help You Make Gains

Top 13 Coins that will Help You Make Gains

Currently, the cryptocurrency market has a lot of coins that are in development and can’t be traded. This means their value is limited to what they offer on the network. In order for them to grow and become profitable, you’ll need an alternative coin with more utility or volume. Here are some of those coins!

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The “biggest crypto gainers 2022” is a list of top coins that have made gains in the last two years. The list includes BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Top 13 Coins that will Help You Make Gains

Top 13 Coins that will Help You Make Gains


Crypto users have been trading and investing in digital currency for almost a decade and a half in order to profit from them. Bitcoin was, is, and will most likely continue to be the foremost among them owing to its brand, price, and large market value, which can match the rest of the crypto world on its own. However, Bitcoin is not the only attractive investment possibility available; there are a plethora of currencies ranging in age from a few months old to those that have been there for years but never received the attention they deserve.

All of these cryptos have the potential to provide massive returns if given the opportunity, and today we wanted to highlight the greatest of them for your benefit. Let’s have a look at what the next 13 cryptocurrencies have to offer without further ado.


The first item on our list is STEPN, which is an NFT project that bills itself as a Web3 Lifestyle App. Essentially, the idea is selling digital shoes based on NFTs, which consumers can buy just like any other NFT. Users, on the other hand, create bitcoin incentives by possessing them and then going for walks.

There have been previous efforts to integrate fitness with the crypto sector, but none have been as frictionless or effective as STEPN, which has subsequently begun to expand and is still among the top 70 biggest cryptos by market value even during the bad market.

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2. Dalarnia’s Mines

The second game is Mines of Dalarnia, which is a metaverse-based game. This game is similar to the famous conventional game Minecraft, in which players are put into an unending environment where they may mine for minerals and use those resources to construct things, enhance their equip, and do a variety of activities with the items they’ve made.

In Mines of Dalarnia, some users, known as landowners, own digital land through Property tokens, while others, known as miners, rent that land to mine for relics, minerals, and other items. The items mined may then be utilized to strengthen their equipment or sold. For years, Minecraft has been a huge hit, and we anticipate Mines of Dalarnia to be just as successful.

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3. Dock

We’ve picked Dock, or The Dock Network, as our third submission. This is a platform meant to provide developers and enterprises with easy solutions for creating, managing, and presenting digital credentials that can be confirmed quickly using the blockchain.

People have theorized about utilizing blockchain to store sensitive data like medical files, digital IDs, and other similar stuff, and then allowing only those who need access to see it. Dock is bringing those thoughts and speculations to life, providing blockchain technology another another groundbreaking use.

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4. Coin of a Baby Doge

Then there’s Baby Doge Coin. This is another memecoin based on the popularity of Dogecoin (DOGE). Shiba Inu has been the most popular DOGE alternative among all memecoins; however, with Baby Doge now on the market, SHIB may lose a significant chunk of its market share to the newcomer.

Baby Doge was created with the sole purpose of attracting users by virtue of its cuteness, which is its biggest benefit and a feature that sets it apart. We feel that this token will be a hit since cuteness and memes are two of the most popular things on the internet.

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5. Kok

The Kok Foundation has built a project named Kok, which is ranked sixth. This is a project whose purpose is to introduce blockchain technology to the global content sector in order to reinvent the present business model.

KOK is for Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge, and it aspires to enhance the conventional digital media content sector by repairing its skewed processes. Rather of relying on broken infrastructure, the initiative aims to develop a more engaging platform for the media sector with distinct, compelling content.

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6. Kadena

Moving on, Kadena is a proof-of-work blockchain that combines this consensus process with DAG principles to provide a more scalable version of Bitcoin. The project promises to be able to give the same degree of security as Bitcoin while also providing throughput that Bitcoin could never achieve.

Its mission is to make its blockchain accessible to businesses and entrepreneurs, using a unique architecture that is entirely decentralized and designed to propel the crypto sector toward broad acceptance through a multi-chain approach.

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7. Unchangeable X

Immutable X, which is the first layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum’s NFTs, is halfway down the list. Many NFT and metaverse projects have already been able to start on Ethereum thanks to Immutable X, which eliminates the project’s lack of scalability, which causes lengthy transaction processing times, poor speeds, and expensive gas costs.

It has the potential to greatly improve user experience and restore faith in Ethereum-based initiatives in the industry. All of this is possible owing to the usage of STARK zk-rollups, which Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin backed up by declaring that Ethereum is “all-in” on the technology.

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8. Nuls

We picked NULS for the eighth slot because it is a microservices-driven blockchain project that uses its own Proof of Credit consensus mechanism (PoC). Users may mine using this approach, and NULS’ modular architecture incorporates NULSTAR, a microservices-based platform.

Enterprise-grade solutions for smart contracts, public and private chains, decentralized applications, and even NRC-20 tokenization are all possible with the framework.

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Band Protocol (nine)

Band Protocol is a project that intends to create decentralized oracles that supply information to blockchain networks from numerous sources outside of blockchain technology. This is required for smart contracts to attain their full potential, since they need confirmation that the contract’s requirements have been followed in order to proceed to the next phase.

Chainlink is a pioneer in decentralized oracles, however it is limited by the fact that it is built on Ethereum, which is sluggish and scalable. Band Protocol, on the other hand, provides the same level of service but at a considerably quicker and lower cost due to its use of Cosmos’ blockchain.

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Helium is number ten.

Helium, a decentralized blockchain-powered network for IoT devices, was chosen as our tenth project. Essentially, the project enables IoT devices to connect and interact with one another in a very simple manner. This, however, is just one of many applications. The concept acts as a new kind of decentralized internet in order to link all of these IoT devices.

In essence, it has users all over the globe who function as Hotspots, boosting internet signal to allow IoT devices to connect to the network, and subsequently to the blockchain. This technology may be used to decentralize internet access as well as provide a network for Internet of Things devices that might one day power whole smart cities.

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Gala Games (#11)

Gala Games, or simply Gala, is a project that aims to change the way the game business is developing. The project intends to do this by allowing players to reclaim control of their games and transforming into a blockchain of games that people genuinely want to play.

In essence, the initiative believes it is wrong that people spend hundreds of dollars for games and in-game things but never become genuine owners of them. They do not own any of the premium gear, skins, or other sorts of content that they buy; instead, they rent it from gaming businesses. NFTs are used by GALA to give players genuine ownership of everything they choose to buy.

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The Ethereum Name Service is number twelve.

The Ethereum Name Service, which is nearing the end of our list, is a distributed, open, and extendable name system based on Ethereum’s blockchain. The purpose of the project is to make blockchain technology more user-friendly by transforming addresses that can only be read by computers into addresses that people can understand and remember.

As previously said, the initiative accomplishes this to make the Ethereum-based web more accessible and understandable, which may make the crypto business less daunting, but it will also lead to fewer mistakes that result in money being permanently lost after being delivered to an invalid address.

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Decentraland is number thirteen.

Finally, Decentraland, the main metaverse project, is the final project on the list. Decentraland has been around for a long time, long before the metaverse became popular, and it has had plenty of time to mature. It sells digital pieces of land that users may buy and use for development, commerce, gaming, and even arranging virtual reality meetings and events.

Users who acquired NFTs of these pieces of land have already made extensive use of it for all of these and other purposes. Decentraland is the Bitcoin of this increasingly popular area of the crypto business, since it is the oldest, most developed, and most popular metaverse project.

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With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the best 13 cryptocurrencies that may help you profit. As usual, a lot relies on market behavior, and we can’t promise that any of these coins’ values will explode anytime soon. The crypto market is uncertain and volatile, so the most we can do is recommend currencies that seem to have genuine growth potential.

The rest is up to you to decide; we’re only pointing you in the right direction if you’re trying to diversify your portfolio with some wonderful, but less apparent alternatives.

The “1000x coins” is a list of top 13 cryptocurrencies that will help you make gains. The list has been put together by the team at Cryptocurrency News.

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