Truck Driver Regains 10 Million Doge Through Wallet Recovery Service

A truck driver who lost 10 million doge due to a computer virus was able to recover his funds after an online wallet recovery service helped him. The company says the incident is rare, but it has seen a steady increase in demand for its services as cryptocurrencies become more prevalent.

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A retired truck driver was shut out of $3 million out of a total of $10 million DOGE. Then a wallet recovery company arrived and returned him with a large sum of money. A wallet recovery service claims to have unlocked a six-year-old wallet containing 10 million DOGE.

The first step is to locate the wallet.dat file and save it to your doge folder. This file contains your coins, which may be accessed by figuring out the password. You may either transfer money to swap it or extract the private key and use a light wallet after you’ve found it.

According to KeychainX, he was contacted by a retired truck driver who had purchased a large amount of Dogecoins for approximately $1,500 in 2015. Its value had increased by more than 2,000 times since then, and it was now worth more than $3 million.

The issue was that his Android wallet had a 12-character PIN that the company believed was impossible to break in real life.

To the Rescue: Keychainx

The KeychainX team began by searching for certain digits, such as his birth year. They looked into his wallet to see what type of wallet encryption he was using. An unlimited number of tests were carried out, culminating in a breakthrough: you found that some of the wallet owner’s tips might be the PIN. It was successful. Yes, that was successful.

One of the most difficult parts of KeychainX was ensuring that the wallet’s money was transmitted safely. The team expected it to take many days to sync since it was six years ago. The most nerve-wracking part was doing a tiny test transaction to ensure that DOGE could reach its new destination safely. Extra precautions have also been taken to ensure that keyloggers that may lead to money theft are not installed.

“Losing a pin to your wallet isn’t that terrible after all,” said Robert Rhodin, CEO of KeychainX. It might be a life-changing sum if you can open it years later. It was this time.”

KeychainX was first launched in 2017 with the goal of recovering cryptocurrency stolen as a result of mobile, hardware, and software vulnerabilities. More than 100 wallets have been recovered in the past six months, mainly Bitcoin and Ether, which were previously inaccessible. They have previously brought together investors utilizing BTC (from 2013) and ETH (since 2015).

The company says that their custom software retrieves keys 1000 times faster than standard tools, and it is the only public business operating in the sector, in contrast to rivals that operate behind pseudonyms or as one-person organizations.

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