TrustSwap and Yield Launch a New FlashDrop Program to Incentivize Smaller Stakers – Sponsored Bitcoin News

TrustSwap and Yield Launch a New FlashDrop Program to Incentivize Smaller Stakers – Sponsored Bitcoin News


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TrustSwap and Yield Launch a New FlashDrop Program to Incentivize Smaller Stakers – Sponsored Bitcoin News

TrustSwap, a DeFi project that offers a wide range of different services, recently announced the launch of a new program designed to provide incentives to small steak producers. The program, known as FlashDrop, will essentially reward up to 3,000 users for providing a certain number of SWAP tokens. This will create opportunities for a loyal SWAP community and hopefully attract new users interested in participating in the program.

What should you know about FlashDrop?

The crypto industry is rich with different projects, and millions of people may not know about TrustSwap yet. This program will help put the project on their radar and show them all the benefits of this developing DFi project.

When it comes to FlashDrop, there are a few important things to look out for.

1) Where does it start?

Initially, this will be done with the YIELD app, another DeFi-based platform that will launch on TrustSwap’s Launchpad in late 2020. The platform offers excellent returns (up to 20% annually) on bitcoin, Ethereum coins and two canned coins – Tether and US dollar coins.

The platform believes that everyone in the world deserves equal access to new opportunities in the investment world, which have long been lacking. Initially, only wealthy individuals and financial institutions were able to invest in projects. With the invention of the internet, centralized investment platforms have emerged, increasing the ability to attract retail investors.

Now, in the age of decentralization, projects like the YIELD application want to use it to promote the ability to invest and create a user-friendly system that everyone in the world can understand and use if they want to.

As previously mentioned, the platform will launch on the TrustSwap startup platform, which TrustSwap created to help new tokens get off the ground and provide the community with the best investment opportunities.

Since its launch on TrustSwap, the YIELD App YLD token has grown by 1700% from its launch price thanks to innovative technology and a growing community.

2) What is FlashDrop?

As mentioned earlier, FlashDrop’s goal is to encourage players by giving 3,000 users the chance to win 500 YLD chips each. There is no competition to collect points or achieve top sales – the whole event is treated as a completely transparent lottery, with users only needing to meet a few specific requirements to enter the lottery.

Some users can already enter to win prizes, while newcomers will have to prepare a bit in the coming days before the event begins.

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This means that the event will take place on the 23rd. April and runs from 9am to 9pm PT.

3) What will the event look like and what do you need to participate?

The first thing to note is that the project was launched on the 22nd. April at 9 PT takes a snapshot of the event. All the preparations you need to make should be ready by then.

Any address that has 500 SWAP tokens at the time of filming will enter the draw and receive 1 ticket. The only exceptions are addresses that have a TrustSwap Gold ticket, as they will automatically receive 500 YLD. However, these users can still participate in the lottery. So if they win the lottery, they get a total of 500 YLD.

In addition, users who already have at least 1,000 YLD will receive a second ticket, increasing their chances of winning. However, it should be noted that users must have 500 SWAP to earn rewards, and without these coins, no amount of YLD will help them earn rewards.

Finally, all users who wish to participate must have a registered and fully verified YIELD App account. This means going through the KYC process, in addition to reloading the account with the necessary tokens to receive notes.

Again this year, on the 23rd day of the contest, a total of 3,000 user addresses will be drawn in a completely transparent and obviously fair manner. April awards. Users can request participation through the TrustSwap control panel.

4) Important restrictions that must be observed

There are also some limitations that users should be aware of. First of all: Anyone who has already claimed a YLD birdie drop in the SwapDrop will not be allowed to participate. Moreover, neither residents nor citizens of the United States may participate.

Finally, only one claim per person is allowed unless the user was given a second ticket because they had 500 SWAP and 1000 YLD in advance.

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