VulcanVerse Takes NFTs to Next Level With Amazing Graphics, Gameplay and Lore – Sponsored Bitcoin News

VulcanVerse Takes NFTs to Next Level With Amazing Graphics, Gameplay and Lore – Sponsored Bitcoin News


VulcanVerse Takes NFTs to Next Level With Amazing Graphics, Gameplay and Lore – Sponsored Bitcoin News

The NFT industry has been booming lately, with all kinds of artists, sports brands and gaming companies getting in on the action. As a result, the top 100 NFT tokens in terms of market capitalization are currently valued at over $7 billion. However, many of the options in this segment offer simplistic game mechanics and a rather shallow experience. VulcanVerse shows how an NFT-based game should be made, with stunning graphics, fun gameplay, game economy, and a rich story supported by professional writers.

Access the VulcanVerse for higher level NFT games

VulcanVerse is a fantastic decentralized AAA universe that bridges the gap between regular sandbox games and MMOs (multiplayer online games). It features advanced construction tools as well as combat, foraging and espionage mechanisms. VulcanVerse is a 3 km by 3 km virtual environment with a Greco-Roman fantasy theme.

The game was developed by Vulcan Forged, a multi-application platform, game studio, launchpad and NFT marketplace with the highest trading volume with over 12,000 users and over $6 million. The company prides itself on removing gas and crypto-currencies for game developers who use its platform, and offers support to any third party with a simple idea who is ready to make it happen. Vulcan Forged has a large community of players, developers and streamers.

It was announced last year that the rich story and plot of the VulcanVerse universe would be supported by the professional authors of Legendary Lands, Combat Fantasy and Path of the Tiger. These artists bring a wealth of experience in writing popular role-playing games and adventure books to create an engaging world unlike any other in the blockchain game market.

Tokens, Slot Savings and DeFi Articles

Many popular games today are based on pay-as-you-win or freemium business models, designed to entice players to waste as much money as possible. VulcanVerse, on the other hand, uses blockchain technology, NFT and DeFi elements to let players win by playing and creating in a virtual environment. For example, users can create their own quests with which others can earn rewards.

January 2021. Vulcan Forge and Matik have announced a cross-channel partnership to launch their PYR token at ecosystem scale. The token will be used for the settlement of contributions, bets, Defi game start pages, game achievements to be won, game platform pools and the use of the discounted marketplace. PYR is a deflationary token where for every transaction in PYR, 10% goes to bonus pools and 5% is used to cash out and feed the blockchain. PYR tokens can be used as blockchain tokens to bet and win in the gaming ecosystem.

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